About LinkChinese UK Network

LinkChinese UK Network is the largest online community of the young generation of Chinese in the UK. Our members are mainly Chinese students, professionals and young generation of migrants. The British higher educational institutions have attracted a lot of Chinese students in the recent years, the number of which are now well over 100,000. There are increasingly more young Chinese professionals working in the UK.

The Chinese and English websites and other projects of LinkChinese Network are established and supported by a group of volunteers. LinkChinese Network is a community as well as a platform where our members share experiences and help each other. Here you will find :
  • Information of UK education system and institutions.
  • Advises on living in the UK, including daily life, finance, fashion, mobile phones, driving and many more.
  • Job seeking in the UK, points-based visa system.
  • Personal experience and stories.
  • Traveling in UK and Europe.
  • A business directory that are closely related to Chinese community (Chinese travel agency, Chinese supermarket, cheap international phone calls etc.)
  • Chinese recipes and cooking advice.
  • A free photo album.
  • LKCN Magazine with interviews and features
  • Personal and community blogs

LinkChinese UK welcomes everybody to join our community. Let's support each other and have some fun!

In the aftermath of 2008 Sichuan Earthquake, LinkChinese UK cooperated with charity Mother's Bridge of Love to establish a website Sichuan Earthquake Update to raise fund to the children affected by the disaster.

Contact Us: If you have any question or suggestion, please contact us through email: uk@linkchinese.net
We need your contribution and support. If you would like to help us, please contact the webmaster.

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